Conference on Instruction & Technology


The CIT Planning Committee expects up to 800 people to attend the 4-day event. The host campus must be able to accommodate 800 people and is required to provide:

  1. Availability for the end of May (either the week prior to or immediately following the Memorial Day holiday). 
  2. Capacity to handle 500 people for meals.
  3. Ability to provide on-campus housing for approximately 100-150.
  4. Nearby hotels that will accept the New York State hotel per diem rate for that area, and provide enough rooms, collectively, to accommodate approximately 250-300.
  5. Use of Facilities (classrooms, lecture halls, theater/auditorium, computer labs, dining halls) at no additional cost to the conference.
  6. Free parking on campus that is convenient to conference venues. This should include an adequate amount of  handicapped parking spaces.
  7. Six to seven lecture halls/classrooms that can accommodate sessions. Minimum seating of 45-50 for 2 or 3 of the rooms and 100 or more for 4.  Presentation rooms should have good projection capability and at least one network connection. 
  8. Hall/theater/auditorium with the capacity to hold a minimum of 300.  This facility would require excellent projection capability, A/V support, and at least one wired network connection (for taping purposes).
  9. Large area to accommodate a minimum of 35 vendor exhibit booths (8’ deep x 10’ wide, piped and draped).
  10. Technical readiness as noted in the attached.
  11. Any unique advantages the campus can offer.

If you have questions, call 315-214-2421 or email

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Last Updated: December 2, 2014